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Kill 34 types of translation mistakes

March 19, 2018
  • Maria
  • by Maria
March 19, 2018 Maria

Kill 34 types of translation mistakes

You have a right to make a translation mistake. True or not? When I think about that, Pepsi’s blunder comes to mind. In the 1960s, Pepsi undertook an advertising campaign with the slogan “Come Alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation!” Which was fine, until they used this slogan in China, where it was taken poorly. Why? In Chinese, this translates as “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead.” Needless to say, you don’t want to drink Pepsi with that in your head.

Translation mistakes

Hasty climbers have sudden falls. Even huge companies get sloppy sometimes, and they endure millions in losses as a result. It’s always better to make a bit of an effort and spend some time on proofreading.

Nip errors in the bud with AceProof. This tool will help you automate the proofreading process, finding and fixing 34 kinds of errors. Detect unnecessary double spaces and double full stops at the end of sentences. Verify whether the same word, phrase or sentence was translated differently in different places. Review untranslated segments, and tag mismatches and text-length differences that exceed a specified value, along with many more safeguards. Check errors in translation documents in 15 file formats.

Kill translation errors with AceProof

Kill all errors! Check out the new AceProof – try it for free.

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Bill Gates said, “Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.” The quality of your translation may be high already, but by using this QA software, you will be able to edit your files much faster and with higher efficiency. Do more with less effort using an automated translation-quality checker!

P.S. The story is only beginning. All registered users will have priority in adding new automated error checks to AceProof. Join the error-free professional translation club!

Kill translation errors!

Do more with less effort using an automated translation-quality checker.

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